Scotts steering stabilizer mounting problems

Re: 04 WR 450. Scotts stabilizer with Scotts top triple clamp, and protapers. Yea, I got the whole deal. No matter where I locate the frame bracket, the stabilizer's sweep stops bottom before the bottom triple clamp hits the steering stops. There's about 1/8" gap between the triple clamp and the stop. The Scotts people say don't worry about it; you never steer to the stops anyway. Sounds like a crock. I'm concerned about breaking the shear pin on the link arm. Has anyone else experienced this??

Thanks guys!!

If it is a concern, you can glue a strip of rubber on the stop.

You just have to use your creativity sometimes.......

You need to find out "WHY"? Is your damper shaft not directly over your steering head center? is your damper functioning properly? something is wrong did they package the parts right? sounds like the first crash something is going to break. Is the frame bracket correct.

On my 01 I had to remove quite a bit of material to have enough room to go stop to stop.

I removed the entire casting boss at the rear of the top clamp. :thumbsup:

You're right, its a crock. I have the same setup on my '04, but with BRP clamps (which I believe are the exact same as the Scotts). It has a full range of motion, going all the way to the steering stops. The first time you crash, it will go all the way to the stops and it will break something.

Are you using the bolt-on tower? Sometimes the bolts that hold the bar risers will hit the little allen screws on the front of the tower. If your parts are new, I'd recommend getting a refund for the bolt-on tower and buying the weld-on tower. It's a pain get it welded, but at least it won't fall off in the middle of a race.

If you're not getting any satisfaction from the guys at Scotts, send everything back. BRP ( has excellent customer service and helped me with all my installation issues. They also walked me thru which offset and risers would suit me best. And they sell Spider grips :thumbsup: .


I'm just looking at putting the Scott's steering stabilizer on my 04 WR450 but I'm finding out now that I may need a new top triple clamp. I've got Pro Tapers bolted to the stock clamp through adapters but the sales guy tells me the stabilizer system won't work with this clamp/adapter combo. Can anyone confirm or disprove this? If he's right I'm looking for advise on which triple clamp I should go to that would work well with the Scott's stabilizer using the sub-mount. Thanks

Check out my earlier post "Scotts Damper Follow up"

Byggd posted some pics for me in that thread.

That's weird . I bought the compete set-up from Scotts with the clamp-on pin. worked with no problems . was concerned about the pin , so I tack welded it in two places and had no problems since.


When my kit came from BRP it had a post/clamp for a KTM Luckly I live close to them and they swaped it out no problem.

I have the same set-up, never noticed that. I'll take a look when I get home...

Does your frame bracket have the cutout for the triple clamp to fit in when at the stops? maybe I'm not understanding you completely, I have the same set up bars, triple clamp, dampener, and it works perfect, also tacked the frame bracket on and touched up with a bit of factory blue, can't even see it

I have the exact same setup as well, bars, triple clamp, dampener and bolt on frame bracket. I don't seem to have any problems with hitting the stops but I noticed that a lot of you refer to tack welding the frame bracket. Is that necessary? I will do it if it will save me any problems. When putting it on I thought that maybe I should but the directions didn't call for it so.....Also I have yet to wreck this year but it is inevitable.

2 years and mine hasn't moved....

Maybe mine wasn't seated good enough when I tightened it initially but it did loosen, also had a friends loosen so we both tacked ours in place for insurance.

Same set up and have had no problems in about 2 years on my OO 400. I do have a bolt on kit, but JB Weld (steel/exopy resin) the clamp on the head tube. Hasn't moved despite some unplanned attempts to nudge it. Be more assertive, it doesn't soudn correct.

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