how loud is my pig ?

how loud are fully derestricted stock pigs, i know about Dba, but that doesnt mean much , it sounds loud to me , but what do the public hear when im riding through town ? , im hoping to have scared a few people with this mighty thumper. :confused:

a mate of mine had a xt500 with a custom stainless steel exhaust system,

i tell you, you could hear that thing 5 min before it got there, even plates and cups would rattle off the shelves. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

cheers piglets

I run the stock exhaust with the fully restricted insert (with screen removed) on my plated 650r. It's great for where I live. People don't hear me until I'm about 30 or 40 feet away. I really like being able to run thru the gears at full throttle and have some fun and not be noticed. I'm sure I'm down a couple of hp, but having the edlebrock (installed by previous owner) more than makes up for it.

Where I grew up in rural kansas, neighbors over a mile away could hear us riding our louder crf450's.

I know my bike is extremely loud, just listening to my cousin on his drz 400 with the same pipe as me i am amazed. I can hear him from a quarter mile bike must be so annoying to the neighbors, especially when ive got her in 4th gear pinned up my street goin 60+ (25 is the limit) I must really piss some people off. hehe.

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