Location of snorkle and throttle stop???

Please don't laugh but where exactly is the snorkle in the air box (450)?

And is the throttle stop located under the throttle cover at the carb?

Finished the carb mods this morning but not sure about where the stop or snorkle is.



Thanks for taking the time to respond!

You've answered my questions nicely.

I purchased the AIS removal kit which was SUPPOSED to come with a throttle stop but did not. So I'll cut the one I have.


look at images 4 and 5 for views of the air box top with and without the snorkel.

go back to your yamaha dealer and pitch a b**ch. you got ripped-off! that kit is supposed to have the screw in it. check yamaha's web site, they have a picture of the kit. look a throttle stop! somebody got into that kit. don't take no for an answer.

When you cut the T-stop, be sure to get the length right. I've read that if its is too short and the throttle could hang up since the slide stops because it hit the end of its stroke instead of the stop screw. If you don't have a set of dial calipers get a cheap set.

Also, use a fine file or emery paper to smooth the newlt cut end and apply a little grease to the bare metal.

Good luck

Cut off 11mm...SC

you could cut it, but that's $12 you just gifted to the dealer. i'd go back and get the screw.

you can cut the original, but you already bought one.


What's the finished lenght after cutting off 11 mm?


The mods make a different bike!


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