Exhaust plug

I put the GYTR AIS removal kit on my bike. I can't seem to get the exhaust plug tight as I can spin it with my hand. The clamp is tightened as much as it will go. Is this normal or is it going to blow off while I am riding? Any suggestions appreciated.

I've heard the same complaint from others who used the Yamaha kit. I never heard of one blowing off.

If your worried get the TT kit. Its different in that the plug is pressed directly into the hole above the exhaust and not on the fitting thats in teh hole.

i had the exact problem...i even bought new clamps at home depot b/c i overtorqued the one from the kit.

yesterday, i rode 50 rough miles and it did not come off..very happy about that. It must not be very be very high pressure

but i have ordered the TT kit to replace the "way too loose" cap.

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