1996 XR 600 choke Arm up or down for off?

I am new to the XR 600. I had an NX650 about 2 years ago.

My question is to turn the choke off do I want to push the arm up or push the arm all the way down?

I think my idle is running a little high but when I have the arm down it idles high.

sounds strange I just don't want to run with it in the wrong position.



My 93 and 94 600's have it casted in the side of the choke arm.

Has an arrow pointing up and says choke.

Up = on

Down = off

Should have a center position for half choke as well.


Thank you!

I have driven with it in the center position to avoid commiting just wanted to be sure that down was the correct position.

The fast idle had me a little worried that it was a choke issue not an idle adjustment.


Correct, down is off, then for the fast idle, there is a black plastic knob up about the 1 oclock position on the carb, facing the front of the bike (the knob that is) turn it counterclockwise for lower idle, clockwise for faster idle. You idle on the 96XR600R should be about budabudabudabuda not like it is going to stall or racing at like 1000 rpm.

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