Numb hands while riding WR

I'm not overly tall or heavy at a little over 6 ft tall and 180 lbs. While riding long periods in tight twistys I get numb hands. It doesn't seem like its the vibration but maybe that I'm leaning on the bars and cutting circulation.

For those who have had the same problem, would rising the bar help? I'm thinking that i'm leaning forward without realizing it.

Are there any real good gloves for this?


The bend of bar is the most important thing of all.

Your wrists and hands should be straight with your arms when you ride. If they are not, you will have all sorts of problems. Gloves are very much of a muchness, just get a well fitting pair. Hold on to the bike with your legs more, and stay relaxed. This makes a huge difference. It stops arm pump too.

I find the tall bars comfortable, you may not. They give me so much more room to play with, and the stock bar bend is not comfortable for me either.

ok - so you're about the same height and weight that i am (age maybe also ?) ...

try rotating the bars forward so that it's still comfortable but you will then be sitting forward more (mostly a good thing in the tight stuff anyway) - and it sounds like your suspension damping settings may not be set correctly (too stiff perhaps?) causing you to grip too tightly to overcompensate so that you don't lose control ... also if you push your forks up 15mm ~ 20mm through the triple clamps, your bike will corner a little quicker in the tight stuff ...

it's worth a try ...

Thanks !

I'll try some adjustments tonight.

Good advise from the Aussies. Leaning forward is good ... fast woods riders can read their front number plate. Bend those elbows and relax ... a steering damper helps the relaxing part. When seated, practice keeping your feet on the pegs without dabbing. This will force you, if you don't want to tip over and go splat, into a balanced and relaxed riding position.

I got the Scott's damper with the BRP triple clamp comes with pro taper bars that are rubber mounted even if you did not get the damper this is the best mod money can buy. The pro tapers and the rubber mounts kill all the buzz :thumbsup: you don't realize how bad it is until you get the new set up and with the damper you just don't have to hold the grips as tight as i used to. Yes it is expensive but it is by far the best mod I have done. you will not be sorry. :thumbsup:

the comment about holding the bike with your knees is vital.

I still have to remind myself and it is a key component of all the tips and advice i give to people who come to ride on my tracks.

another tip is that when possible, try to open all your fingers except your pointer finger and thumb to hold the bars when you are in an easier section of the track or trail you are on.

grip that bike with your knees and it will take heaps of stress off your hands.

Pro-tapers and relax :thumbsup:

Yep, relax.......... this is likely pressure causing circulation issues or nerve pressure. I experience the same thing in throttle hand only. I will look for places in the middle of a race where I can take my hand of the grip and shake some blood back down into the hand with out losing any speed.

Tall bars comfortable grips and a stabilizer will help but so will a lot of riding :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the tips ! This place is by far the best resource.

I rode my track tonight and worked with the knees to hold the bike and reduce pressure on my palms. It did help. Where the problem is the worst is during down hill sections that are close together forcing me to lean towards the bars. I also found that I need to slide forward in the saddle.

I'll be running every night this week and trying another hare scramble this weekend.

Thanks again, this place rocks !!

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