Ti PC midpipe very close to shock canister

I just installed a Ti Powercore on my 06 WR450 and there is only about .080- .100 of clearance between the midpipe and the bottom of the shock canister. Should I be worried about the heat displacing itself to the nitrogen charged canister?

The stock pipe has a different bend to allow more clearance. It appears to me there is only one way to mount and make all the holes line up but it leaves a minimal amount of clearance between the two. Was anyone else concerned about this?

I had the same issues on my 04. mid pipe mounted up against the valve cap. I ground down a different aluminum cap so there wouldn't be any pressure there. I had same thoughts about the heat, dont know the answer but I do love the pipe, especially after the quiet core showed up.

Thanks for the reply. I think I may contact FMF to see if it's within their tolerances on this specific bike. I contacted a local Yamaha dealer about my concerns and they said, assuming I installed the pipe correctly, there shouldn't be a problem. That just made me wonder if I mounted it wrong. Oh well...It's nice to know at least one other person had a similar issue. I'm assuming yours is the Titatium Powercore as well? The weight difference from the stock pipe was worth the price of admission.

My procircuit midpipe is a bit close to the shock canister as well.

It doesn't seem to effect the shock though.

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