Fork positioning?

I ride an 03 WR450 with all the mods and suspension work as well. Spend my riding time split between track and trail. I recently rode a buddys CR450 and another friends SX450. Both bikes seemed to stick the front end harder in the turns than the WR (on the track) I like this feeling on the track, not so much in the trails. I have heard that moving the forks up or down in the triple clamps changes the front end geometry to help this condition. Does anyone know the direction to move them, how much, and have you tried this with any success? Any help would be appreciated. :thumbsup:

Move the forks up in the clamps as much as you can for sharp turning.

It still might not be enough, but it will make a difference.

Well it really depends on your preference - if you move your forks up through the triple clamps and have about 20mm (3/4") protruding then your bike will corner and steer a little quicker through the tight stuff. Conversely though, it may be a little less stable out in the open on the fast stuff (5th gear). On my '05WR450 I keep the forks protruding between 15mm ~ 20mm as a rule of thumb.

Before raising the forks, check the rear shock sag with you sitting on the bike. Too much sag will slow down the steering. Should be close to 4 inches.

check the rear shock sag. raise the tubes in the triple clamp to the second line. then step back and think. the crf and sx are mx bikes. your wr is almost thirty pounds heavier and is known for being top heavy. godforbid you still have the 739 on the front.

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