Led turnsignals on XR650L

Check out these pics of my LED turnsignal set up. It turned out real clean. It was hard to get them to blink but I finally worked it out with a new flasher. The taillight is a XR unit I bought at the local parts shop.


damn thats a nice mod, i want to do something like that with mine, im sick of the blinkers lol, the right hand rear cops it from the exhust as well

How did you get the blinkers to blink? I'm having trouble with some I'm trying to use on the front and they won't blink. They stay on and don't blink. I have an 04 XR650L.

I purchased a electronic flasher on e-bay and per a suggestion from a group member I removed the flash indicator bulb from the dash display. They now work fine. Not sure why the removal of the bulb fixed it but it did. One of these days I will try to figure out how to get the indicator to work again.

maybe wiring a bulb in series with the leds?

Very nice mod......I'd love to duplicate but it's not legal in my state. Blinkers here have to be a certain distance apart.

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