Picture: The Ultimate trail tool kit.

Great thread. lots of good info i would have never thought of. :banghead:

Definitely a great thread ya'll have going.

New to the site, but not to the dirt.

Us guys over here in Oman noramlly carry a front tube only, it will fit in the front and rear but the rear will not fit in the front tyre. I myself would be a bit wary of wearing a fanny pack with any tools in it. If you were to take a fall you could quite easily end up with a hole that you gotta see the doc to repair.

I use the O'neal fender pack. I added some nylon staps and a thicker base for more support. Shortly after, I saw the dirtbikegear.com bag. So looks like I coppied them.:thumbsup: in that bag I carry, (3) motion pro 8.5" tire irons, (1) combo axel wrench, front tube, tow rope, (6) co2 bottles / w/ inflater, (i found the paintball ones at wallmart work in the inflater, much cheaper, but smaller), patch kit(patch glue always dries up so add some peel and stick patches), extra maps, registration with emergency phone numbers and a few other items.

Next is a wolfpakusa.com back pac that mounts to my chest protector. Is also has a ribcage protection belt. I met the guy that invented it as he was airlifted due to broken ribs abd punched lung. I like this thing. I carry aprx 1-ltr of water in the hydration bag, 1/4" socket set 8-12mm, set of allens for socket wrench and extra socket wrench just in case, watarproof matches, whistel, extra spark plug in weathrproof holder, Alumabond in weatherproof holder, small firstaid kit, mirror to alert others, cell phone, GPS w/ extra batteries, 2-way radio w/ extra batteries, box/open end wrenches 8-12 mm, adjustable wrenc, 4-in one screw driver, knife, electrical wire, electrical tape, roll of rescue tape for hose emergencies, vise grip pliers, needle nose pliers, ten roll pack of ez-towels, small amount of misc screws, nylon ty-straps, safety wire, side cutters, flash light, emergency blanket, (1) 1/4" x 6" socket extension (for removing the tank), more co2 bottles, goggle wipies, etc........ Still working on getting the chain breaker/chain press and extra links. Also the wolkpak has a holder for extra water bottles or I even carry extra fuel in gatoraid bottles. I had a small spill and fell on my back, everyhting stayed in tack. I'd like to have the upper part larger for clothing on those overnighters.

Next is the wolfman.com enduro tank bag.

Sorry for being out of order on my items, but I'm at work and going off of memory.:rolleyes:

I had a front flat today from all the rocks around here. I was just careful and ran it back to camp. Buddies were there and they would have went and got some tools if i needed them. But the one thing I will not leave camp without is my SPOT Personal locator.

Never ride alone, and always tell somebody where you are going or carry a SPOT.

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