Won't start...again...

I just re-ringed my piston and had my head serviced. After putting it back together, it is having a hard time starting. I'll go through the starting procedures and kick it. The motor sounds like it is about to start, but it never really gets going. I've tried it with and without choke. The fuel valve is turned on. Before I pulled the top end off, it would start on the first kick. I'm getting good compression and everything, it just doesn't seem to want to fire up. Any ideas?

edit: I'm running stock WR timing. It's a 2000 WR400F with a 417 kit if that makes any difference to anyone.

It is probably flooded now... turn the fuel off and kick it a few times before turning the fuel back on.

I let it sit because like Matty05 said, it could be flooded, and kicked it with the fuel valve shut off. I go to start it again and this time it sounds EVEN closer to starting without the choke on. This sounds to me like a fuel issue. Anyone think it could be the plug? I'm not sure what a good plug is supposed to look like, but I've had this plug in for a while now. It's probably had a good solid 30-40 hours on it.

Definately worth a shot with the new plug. Could also be that it is not getting enough fuel. What are the temps? Do you have a heavy oil in it right now? Did you clean the carb while you had it off? Maybe just turn up the idle a few turns. After I put my hotcam in I had trouble getting mine started, and found that it was not getting enough fuel, combined with cold temps and heavy oil I was not able to kick it through fast enough to get it to fire. The plug will probably help a lot though, I would try that first. Hope this helps.


A properly jetted bike will leave the plug tan. If it flooded, I would take the plug out and either clean it up (plug blaster/sand blaster), or put a new one in. My '99 wouldn't start after I flooded it without a clean(ed) / new plug.

You say you are getting good compression? When I rebuilt my XR (twice), I had to put a little oil down the plug hole to get the compression high enough to actually fire it. Damn motor needed very high compression - reminded me of a diesel engine. I can't remember what the WR's are, but I could look in the manual when I get home.

Temps weren't too bad while I was trying to start it up. It was anywhere betweeen 70-80 degrees here in Phoenix. I'm running 10w40 motor oil, so it isn't too incredibly heavy weight of an oil. No, I didn't have the carb cleaned when I had it off. Do you think it could have gotten clogged up sitting for a week? I will try to the idle screw idea if the plug doesn't do it. It is the black knob (round with ridges) on the left side of the bike right? In means lower idle and out means higher idle, correct?

Got it figured out. Put a new plug and then adjusted the idle a tiny bit and kicked over on the first try. Thanks everyone!!!

get a honda :thumbsup:

get a honda :thumbsup:

Doe they come with a bag of free valves? :thumbsup:

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