IMS tank leak problem

Anyone using the WR IMS Tank? Mine seems to leak gas at the fill hole, no matter how tight the cap is on....

Any ideas on a fix will be appreciated. Thanks

I had the same problem. IMS replaced the tank without problem. A tank that does that has a defect just below the threads for the cap. This area on my tank was concave instead of flat. This defect would never allow the cap to stop leaking.


I had the same problem, there was some air bubbles on the threads from the molding process and it chipped in a couple places, it'd leak even if I torqued it so tight I could barely get it off. They sent a replacement w/out a problem.

Guys, thanks sounds like great craftmanship. I will be contacting them tomarrow. I wonder if they will replace my Tank graphics? Not!

I think we need to call David a "WHAAAMBULANCE" , Come on Rich Boy, Bend the corner on that wallet a little bit......

Good Luck Tomorrow...I hear the WX just might hold out.....

Bonzai grin.gif

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