Scored cylinder

I can post pictures later if needed... I'm in the process of fixing my transmission on my 426 (4th gear blew up) and noticed the cylinder wall and piston skirt are scored. What is required to repair this? Do I have to bore the cylinder and use a larger piston? I can't feel the score marks with my fingernail so it doesn't appear to be severe damage.

~ Russ

If you can't feel it with your fingernail then it isn't scored and probably OK. Take a good look at the piston inder a light. Feel the bump if you can and file it down. If you can't feel that either then forget about it, put it togethre and ride! :thumbsup:

Maybe my definition of "scored" is incorrect... but there are visible vertical lines on the piston skirt and the cylinder wall... maybe I can get away with just honing the cylinder.

If boring is required check out the packages at Lukes Racing. I had my 426 jug bored 2mm/renakasiled plus a Wiseco piston and Cometic gasket kit for $350 shipped. Workmanship was excellent and haven't had any problems.

Put it back together and ride it hard. :thumbsup:

Here's a couple pics:





Looks like it was loose in the bore and you're getting some side slop. How's the large and small end bearings feel?

Looks like it was loose in the bore and you're getting some side slop. How's the large and small end bearings feel?

Bearings felt ok to me... there's a tiny bit of side-to-side movement on the crank end which I thought that was normal but no up-down movement.

Minimal side to side play is normal. Looks like the piston got too big for the bore.... has the bike been overheated much?

It looks heat damage to me and I think a bore job may be in your future.

Here's what happens to a 426 when the oil pump goes AWOL and what the heat does to the cylinder adn piston. Check that oil pump while you get it tore down!!!!

The vertical marks in the cylinder don't look like much. Actually, the "shadow" of the second ring at the top of the cylinder is a bigger deal if it's deep enough. Run a bottle brush hone through the cylinder and see how it looks after 5-6 quick passes. If it cleans up that easily, it's probably OK. The piston looks as if it should be replaced, though.

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