03 Wr450 Ti powercore VS. Powercore 4

I have a 2003 Wr450 with all free mods done and was looking into buying an aftermarket exhaust. I've been reading posts on the forum and am having a hard time choosing between the FMF TI powercore and the Powercore4 with Qinsert... I mostly ride Long straight fireroads with some ocasional woods. Which exhaust produces more power and do you guys think would work better? Any help would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup: .!!

The TiPo is supposed to produce more power, according to FMF. Give 'em a call...SC

don't know about power difference between the two but the ti powercore is incredible. loud without quiet core but very nice with it in. $269 shipped from rocky mountain and the blue one looks very nice. don't forget the quiet core, it's $8.99 - sweet!

I have the Ti Powercore on my '06 WR450 & love it! Not sure what the decibel rating is, but it's quieter than I expected. Hey... "trailordune" how does the quiet insert for Ti bolt in? Does it go inside the spark arrester?

Hmm Seems like The TI is the favorite so far. I appreciate the feedback. how does it compare to the stock exhaust uncorked? :thumbsup:

quiet core replaces the original spark arrestor. it's like a rev tube w/ a sparky combo. bolts right in w/ the screw. i did not notice ANY less power w/ it in and i rode it both ways. much quieter! as for comparing to stock pipe w/out baffle there is no comparison, this bike rips now. dont know about 05 or 06 stock pipe, mine's an 04. $8.99 for the quiet core - cant beat that!


Well I went ahead and ordered the Ti powercore (with Q insert) from Rocky Mountain and it will be here in 2 days :thumbsup: !!I also ordered the JD Jetting kit :thumbsup: so Hopefully that will help also. I'll try and get it put on by the end of the weekend and test it out.(putting on new front/rear tires 15/48 sprockets and new chain also) Getting it ready for summer :confused::bonk: Thanks for the info I'll write again once I've tried it out..

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