oil leak from case

i just got my WR back from the shop where they put a heli-coil in the oil drain hole from the case.(I had stripped the hole from overtightning). Now iv'e got the bolt to torque specs. and its got a small leak. It never leaked before so this must have something to do with the heli-coil.They used the same bolt with gasket and the heli-coil seems to be done correctly. Any suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks in advance.

Are the threds from the helicoil visible outside the gasket? In that case they should have used som "sealfluid" on them before they installed them. Loctite should work fine. If they're not visible, most likely the new thred is sticking out a little from the hole making it uneven and causes the leak. Hard to say when I havn't looked at it..

BTW, why don't you just return the bike to the shop and ask them to fix it. They must have given you some kind of warranty??

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