HD clutch springs

My 650R clutch slips under heavy load on tar. Put in an extra metal plate, but now I've used up all of my adjustment and it drags slightly. Are the Heavy duty springs the way to go? Should I go with XRs Only springs?? I just hate to pay $12 shipping for an $18 part.

For that price, it couldn't hurt.

Or, if you didn't want to go w/ the springs, maybe go w/ different plates? Kevlar ones or something?

I was reading about the clutch bushing, but I don't think that would really apply to your case, but it wouldn't hurt to check it out if you get things apart.

I'll re-itterate what I keep saying about the 650R clutch. This has worked exceptionally well for me and I ride nasty rooted muddy ass trails on the bike(1st to 2nd mostly). Hinson basket, XR'sonly HD springs(better/easier pull than most aftermarket HD springs) Barnett clutch plates(it's not grabby with the hinson basket at all)

However, if springs are all you're after than Yes, HD springs are a must. You're talking 4 measily springs for a 650cc thumper. Not nearly enough. HD springs can only help. I didn't realize any harder pull at the lever either. I'd also reccomend 20W50 for spring/summer/fall applications also.

XR's HD springs are great I have never had any slippage... but then again, I'm a skinny F@#%! I weigh 165... so I never had a problem!

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