Handlebar Length?

Bent the bars the other day and bought a new set of Pro Taper CR High Bend to replace them. Upon removing the old bars I noticed that the guy I bought the bike from had shortened the old bars by about 5/8 inch on each side. I liked the feel of the old bars and am wondering if any others out there are cutting theirs down a bit, and if so how do they compare to full length bars on the blue beast.

If the guy you bought the bike from was a woods/enduro rider then the cut down bars are a must. I ride moto and have never cut my bars down. I guess it is what makes you feel the most comfortable.



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Don't cut the bars unless you are planning to do alot of hare scrambles or enduros. You will find with you're new bars that with the extra length and the CR bend that riding while standing will be much more comfortable. Additionally with the full length bars it is easier to maintain the proper attack position for jumping. I had cut my previous bars and was constantly pushing the bars over during big jumps...man that was painful...The wider reach makes me sit back a little and naturally puts me in the right position.

My recommendation would be to run em like they are and if your not comfortable with it you can cut them off....What do you have to loose except the amount of time it takes to remove the grips?

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Thanks for the input! I ride about 80% woods and 20% moto so I guess I'll cut them down a bit, but to your point, I may start out longer than the old bars were just to see if I can feel any improvement.

30 inches exactly. ( i cut down either the CR-Hi or Enduro-Hi)

that leaves 7 inches of the polished control surface on the pro-tapers.

with the cycra bark busters, the total width is 31".

if you want really small, get the bars for an 80cc.

Got 29 inch KX80 renthals on my bike. Yes, I like the woods. They work great for me.

They are very flat and a little taller than stock. Got rid of the bruises I used to develop on the outside of my palms and the back ache from hunching over hours on end.

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