Gray wire on a Canadian 06 Wr450??????

Ok, this grey wire issue has been interesting. After reading all the stuff on the free mods on TT, I was ready to do the grey wire mod but before I did I went to the dealer where I bought the bike and while I was picking up some stuff I talked to two mechanics on the mod issue. After talking about jetting and, airbox, pipe restictor etc, he finally mentioned without me even asking: "Oh yeah, and don't cut the grey wire". He said the grey wire which retards the ignition in the midrange (emission), is ONLY on the US bikes not Canadian. So, I didn't. Anyone else have any insight into this? :thumbsup::thumbsup: The guy was really knowledgable, so I kind of trust him.


I am quite sure he is wrong. The Canadian and U.S. spec machines became the same in 2005. You can and should remove the grey wire. I have done the mods for friends and so far on an 06' WR 250 and an 06 WR 450 the wires were actually pulled from the connector and taped up as well as the throttle stop was changed by the dealer at dilivery prep time on the 250. That is just a local dealer though and not all dealerships are doing this before dilivery as I have talked to a couple of people that had to do the job themselves. I would check and if it hasn't been done do it yourself as it only takes 10 to 15 minutes. Just pull the tank and seat and the plug is under the tank on the right side of the backbone(if I remember correctly). Just poke something sharp into the back of the plug to release the tang that holds the wire in , pull the wire out of the plug and tape it up. I would also ask the dealer for the AIS removal kit from Yamaha GYTR. It comes with a YZ throttle stop plugs for the AIS system and jets with needles as well as directions to open the bike up and install everything. Yhe dealer here never heard of it until we tried to order it but he looked it up and ordered the kit no problem. I think it was only like $50 too. Hope this helps.


Thanks Greg. Well, the mechanic was aware of all the other mods as well, and he did the throttle stop cut on prep, so that was good. As for the AIS, I know I should get the kit, but its hard for me to justify spending $50US on a couple of plugs since I got a 48 pilot and an adjustable needle with the manual. I'm just putting a ball bearing into the hoses that come from the ports and that will shut it off. I don't need to take the whole thing off even though it does made it easier working on the carb.

So, after you disconnected the grey wire on your friends bikes, you saw a big gain?


It could be true in some respect, my 04' canadian came with no grey wire and the thrttle stop was already YZ spec. If they changed in 05'....... don't hesitate, do the mod.

Don't cut the grey wire, just slip it from the connector.

I can't say for sure how much difference the grey wire makes by itself but the whole kit and the free mods together brought the bike from a slug to a rocket. I think the AIS removal is a must I just can't stand all the hoses and crap all over the bike and it makes working on the bike much easier. I suppose it can be hard to justify the price but I have spent money on more useless stuff than that. Plugging the system up should at least stop all the backfiring.


I just bought an 06 wrf450 here in australia a few weeks ago

it came with AIS removal kit installed

My grey wire still had to be pulled tho o_O

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