My First Year with my DRZ

I bought my DRZ one year ago this past weekend. It has been quite the experience. I’ve been through every emotion from thinking I bought the wrong bike to “Let’s spend some money.” One thing I know, there were lessons along the way I wish I knew before I bought my bike.

Here’s a few that might help some of the newbies:

Why do they make these bikes so tall? Ah yes-Cut the seat. Who needs Kouba Links……….

If you can plate an offroad bike in your state easily - Get the E (Wish someone would have told me that.)

The CS nut loosening up is a real problem. (Breakaway torque on mine with 25 miles was about 30 ft. lbs)

My Primary Nut was not loose. Suzuki raised torque specs in 2004. (Though I loctited mine anyway.)

Yes-the steering stem bearings need to be greased. (Very thin film of grease?)

Same with swing arm and cushion lever bearings / bolts. Gob it on.

Rejetting the carb is not so hard to do and worth the effort.

Spending money is real easy here.

This bike is sooooo much fun to maintain and work on.

Having your wife say “You got another box today” is the highlight of the day. (Though not hers)

Don’t play chicken with a squirrel… them sumbitches over.

Don’t play chicken with a chicken….they’ll get out of the way.

Play chicken with a deer…………….and slooooow down.

I’m glad I took the MSF course – (“Press and lean”) This stuff comes in handy.

Guys on Harleys for some reason won’t wave at me…..**ck em. (except for my brother in law that is)

Guys on Metric Bikes do wave – Right on :thumbsup:

It’s not what you ride but it’s THE ride that counts.

Even after a year with the bike I still get butterflies when I get ready for a ride.

The Dark side is starting to reel me in. :thumbsup:

Burned and Bronco make this site worth it. Buy from the TT Store for support.

Ride on……………

how many miles did put on over the last year? I just rolled 10,000 on my 04 and I was wondering if I am high, low or average.


Congratulations on your first anniversary :thumbsup:

I bought mine 11 months ago, and since then I have found the same as you, Suzuki need

to buy a big tub of grease and a decent torque wrench.

I have covered 9000 miles, it would be more but I have had 2 months

of no riding due to :bonk::bonk: and the Great British weather :bonk::bonk:

The mods I have done have turned out well, and more are in the pipeline :cry:

I just hope that everyone has had as much fun as I have:applause: :confused:

And here's to another year (nearly) of the same :cry::bonk::cry:



...*sniff*... I have a tear in my eye...

Great post! I've had mine since August. You speak the truth! And what's with the Harley guys not waving? They do that a lot here, too (not that I really care, just an observation).

...I need a hug

You guys have logged a lot more miles then me.

This year will be different. I was back riding after

22 years and really the first time riding on the road.

Took it easy for my first year.

I've got a few dual sport rides planned this year too so I have much to look forward too. :thumbsup:

This stuff is addicting :thumbsup:

I've only had my DRZ since September and I concur with everything said here (especially the wife part :thumbsup: )

I have had a different a different experience with Harley riders here though. I find that most of them will "initiate" the wave before I do. :thumbsup: Most of the snubs that I get are from the guys on the crotch rockets, especially the GXR guys. I mean, come on! We are both on Zookies! Oh well, such is life!

DRZ400...the best fun money can buy!


I agree! My 04 is blast to ride. I don;t ride as much as i would like to, but, reading all the post's and seeing all the bikes here really gave me the "mod bug". Thumper Talk rules! :thumbsup:

i have a gsxr and a drz i wave at everyone....03 gsxr...03 drz400e

Hi, all --

My first year with a DRZ400 starts right now, tonight. I am going to pick it up in a 1/2 hour. 2001 model with only 3500 *easy* dirt miles -- the guy didn't even commute with it!

I thought I wanted a KLR650. I thought that for a long time, but then this came along and I succumbed. I have a feeling it will be a very pleasant experience. :thumbsup:


Hi, all --

My first year with a DRZ400 starts right now, tonight. I am going to pick it up in a 1/2 hour. :thumbsup:


Hello, and welcome to the "Mad House" enjoy the bike and the forum.

Neil. :thumbsup::confused::bonk:

Picking up my new 2006 whip Thursday. Can't wait!!!

Should be a little different then the KDXs I have owned.

Thanks for the tips.

Well, I've had my '05 "S" since October '04.Coming up on 6,000 miles.

Things i learned :

Power- stone stock (feels) pretty weak.

3x3,DJ,ex.mod and gearing made it "acceptable"

Suspension- soft for aggressive riding

front and rear heavier springs worked for me.

Misc- weight,bike is pretty porky

Removed all un-needed items/installed smaller lighter lights.

Added guards rad/skid/case.

with these few mods, i feel the bike is a very capable dirt bike.

I ride mine 4 times as much as my KTM 525.For tight rock infested trails, i prefer the DRZ over my KTM.

And the best part is that little metal plate hanging off the rear fender. :thumbsup:

When you start adding hop-up parts to your bike for performance or bling-bling, the UPS guy will start to think you have a thing for him!!!! My eyes light up when I see him!!!

I know what you all mean, I have just bought my 04 S two months ago and already I have gotten the mods bug. Unabiker rad guards are on, and the case guards just came in and the skid plate is in too. Next will be the tires and 3x3 and DJ kit...boy, and I thought riding a bike would actually save money! Yah, RIGHT!! LOL :bonk:

Lloyd :confused: Thanks TT store :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Coming up on 6 months of fun with the mighty E (2005). Also have the mod bug....bigger,better,stronger,more powerful and all that. Feels good hanging with the big bikes on the trail.....yz450 and a few xr600s are my riding group and being the only electric kicker is good. (especially after a get good at them !) Now waiting on some knee braces from TT store ordered a few days ago....seems my knees take most of the punishment during previously mentioned get offs. When i first bought the DRZ i thought i might have made the wrong i will never go back. :thumbsup:

Every day that goes by, I feel more and more confident that I made the right choice in buying the DRZ. Actually, I feel like I got lucky, as I didnt really check out the other bikes too much. There are lots of other bikes out there that might be lighter or faster, but now that I've got almost 13,000 miles on my DRZ, I know I made the right choice. The damn thing is indestructible as far as I'm concerned. Hooray for the DRZ :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

Cant wait for tomorrow's ride cause Its been raining for 2 weeks now here in California. Gonna be a mud-fest........... :bonk::bonk::bonk:

Cant wait for tomorrow's ride cause Its been raining for 2 weeks now here in California. Gonna be a mud-fest........... :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

Oh Yeah ! Time to "humble" a few CRFX's and WRF's on my little 400 street bike. :bonk:

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