Hello all

Hello all,

I am new to this site just today. I already have some questions. I am looking at a left over 2004 Yamaha YZ450F from my local dealer, and was wondering how other riders like it and if they have had some issues with them. any input would be greatly apreciated. Oh do i really need a 450? I had a 125 and that seemed like enough for me? just another question.

thanks, Brian

if you had enough power on a 125 you might be happier with a 250F. i dont think you would be dissappointed with a 450. you would just have to get used to the power of the 450.

i dont know anything about that particular bike, sorry i'm no help there.

I have a Honda CRF 450X, and had the same debate with myself. Do I need a 450, or would a 250 be enough? Most likely, the 250 would have been enough for 85% of the riding I usually do, but I would have regretted the choice for that 15% where I was falling short. Step up and get the 450. Well, actually, it's really hard to give you that advice without knowing anything about you, your abilities, what you like to ride, etc.

get a 450

Get the 450. You will last longer,as well as your bike will. I have a 250 stroke ,and a 450. I feel like a kid throwing the 250 around I admit. I also admit at times wringing the daylites out of it just to be safe when going places that my 450 just flat horsepowers up. You will be happy! Charlie

Get the 450 YZ its a good bike, you'll enjoy it!! No real problems that you wouldn't normally have to deal with. Just change the filters and oil OFTEN and you'll be fine.

thanks for all the information guys. I was reading the specs on yamaha's website and see that it is only a 4 spd. &%$#@!???

Yes, that's right, it's only a 4 speed. It also only goes about 3 mph slower than the YZ426, which has a 5 speed, with similar gearing. It's a non-issue.

They are an extraordinarily tough, reliable bike with BIG, aggressive power that some do occasionally find is just too hard to deal with and still have fun. A heavier flywheel helps in this regard, though, and once you adapt, there just isn't anything like the extra grunt in the low and mid range that only comes with bigger engines.

do i really need a 450?

Definetly no, but why not? Thats what I told myself when I bought my bike :thumbsup: go for it :thumbsup: You won't ever be dissapointed

I went from a CR125 to a 98 yz400, and I can tell you right now I will NEVER go back to a smaller bike. :thumbsup: It is taking some getting used to (power, weight, etc) but I am starting to feel more comfortable on this bike than any other bike I've ever riden. I love blowing the socks off just about any other rider who chalenges me to a mini race :thumbsup: Get the bigger bike.....

Well, you probably don't really need a 450, no one does, but I figured I move to the 450 class one day eventually so I might as well get one when I was shopping for a new bike. It will have a lot more power than your 125, so it will take a while to get use to. Even though it is a 4 speed, remember it's a Yamaha it doesn't need five gears to out pull the other brands :thumbsup:

Ive got a 04 YZ 450 F Excellent bike + year its got more balls than needed 75% of the time, but damn nice knowin you got it. If you need more than the supplied 4 gears, I want pictures!!

Be Careful & Enjoy

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