Best chemical to use on plastic?

anyone know what chemicals work best for shinning up plastic? I heard mop-n-glow works well, anything else? thx

i've been using pledge.........

The Motul Shine and Go is awesome stuff, it really makes the plastics look new.

By far the best product. Makes your seat/bars plastics/hoses/rims/etc. look like new instantly. Amazing stuff. My bro calls it NEW BIKE IN A CAN

You can buy it in about any motorbike shop

Just spray it on and let it dry. Everything looks showroom new

Try spraying simple green(takes about 3/4 spray bottle) on before you wash your bike with soap and water. It makes your plastics, metal, rims, and tires come out looking new. If you want some more shine try using pledge, or armor all.

I know this sounds crazy but try honda cleaner and polish. This stuff works great, I swear by it, the best part about this product you spray it anywhere you want to wipe it down and even if you miss spots of wiping it never turns white like some of the other products, bike looks brand new!!! Makes all the black come back to life and washes off easy too. Worth going to the Honda store for trust me.

I also use the Maxima SC-1 stuff for a couple years now. I make the plastics look like new. Another plus is by spraying it under the plastics it leaves a silicon film for dirt or mud build up!!!!! :thumbsup:

Armor-All Ultra shine - Red bottle. The mud just runs off it.

Clean off boot marks and sticker residue with Goof-Off or Methanol, then get that new blue look back with Armor-All....but don't Armor-All the tank or seat or you'll find yourself looking down your own tailpipe when you roost it!

Maxima SC-1

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