What is it worth ?

I have a 2005 YZ450F with a front and rear suspension revalve and new srings($600.00). The bike has Less than 10 hours and has a new O ring chain and Twin Air Filter ?

I was thinking $4800.00

If anyone is interested it is in Birmingham Alabama.


I would say somewhere around $4,200-$4500 only because there are so many 450's for sale right now. Good luck.

It's probably worth that book wise, but the market right now is terrible for 04/05 YZ450's. The new aluminum frame has killed resale for us yamaha owners. Around here 05's are selling for about 3800-4000

Mine sold for 4,500 in 24 hours.

I just bought an 04 for $3000. Found it in the paper as a YZ45F. Had to drive to Hayden/Corner exit from B'ham.

But Hey ! I think it was worth it :thumbsup:

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