My tire scratched my new helmet

I didnt have time to buy a new front tire for my 06 450, but i did have time to buy all new gear, including a dope helmet.

20 min into riding & struggling with that damn tire in the sand, i took a good spill and scratched up my brand new helemt. doh! well i should have taken all the advise and got that new tire sooner! man what a struggle in the sandy conditions in SoCal, it was REALLY bad.

other than that the bike was awesome! still waiting for my new bars though =/. get a new one if you ride soft stuff!!!

i was at el mirage which is pretty high alt. i am running 48p/170m and it was prolly a bit rich, but not too bad. maybe i need to go 45/165??? since i tend to ride high desert more than any other area.

My tire on my 06 bent my radiator and trashed my right side shroud pretty good, but lucky for me I already had a scratched lid :thumbsup: On a related note, how do you fella's like the Maxxis MaxCross IT front tire?

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