ahhhhhh, it's almost better than sex

finally, after 5 weeks of snow and rain here in reno, i got to go riding all weekend, spent sat. with the kids on the XR 600, and yesterday, i spent all day with the boy's, on the CR 500, there was so many people out there havin' fun, it was great, all kinds of family's, all kinds of bikes, i can't wait till spring really gets here. man, you gotta love it. :thumbsup:

Where do you ride in Reno? My parents live in Sparks (Spanish Springs) and I am there all the time. Next time I'll bring my XR600 and ride a bit if you let me know. :thumbsup:

i live on the southwest side of town, send me a message at least 3 days before, and i would love to go riding with you, i usually ride golden valley and hungry valley, out to moonrocks the back way. spent all day Sunday and Monday out there. next Saturday, six of us are going to leave south town off toll road, and ride to fernley, then gas up and head to gurlack, about 135 miles, totally rad ride if you are around.

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