Suspesion settings

Hey guys I've had the bike out a few times and now getting a bit faster and more comfortable and I've had huge arm pump issues and think that the forks aren't set right. I'm weigh 145 without gear on and jump about 60'-70'. I'd like to keep up with my friend on his yz85 for more than 3 laps before I cant even twist the throttle. I ride about 60% trails and 40% mx and I like the suspension on the soft side. I'd like to set it up for mx only because suspension doesn't matter a whole lot on the trail. The only complaint I have about the rear suspesion is that it tries to bounce me over the bars when packing and that is very scary sometimes :thumbsup: I already have set my sag but haven't really done anything past that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There is a suspension forum where you can post these kinds of questions.

Chech your rebound settings and you might need to get a new spring.

I really want to get new springs or re valve but i don't have the money at the moment


Yes, they'll work on most any USD (up side down) fork. :thumbsup:

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