Oil Filter

I've used both the Emgo and Hiflo filters in my vintage thumpers and streetbikes for years. My WR 450 has a Scott's (aka K&P) stainless filter in it since new. They're well made.

Thanks for the info Farkawi, I have been thinking of getting the Scott's but everyone says the paper will filter better.

i think i have an oil filter obsession. i have kept all mine to show the next buyer of my bike and change intervals.

i always check whats coming out.


Nice, nothing wrong with being a perfectionist :confused: I bet all of your towls are folded very nice too :bonk:
I never change my oil filter.

Ya, I have a Scott's and clean it every oil change.

Cleaning them is easy.... Hold it by the ends (plug the opening) and swish it around in a bowl of kerosene.

Inspect the pleats, and if there are any metal chips remaining, gently spray carb cleaner FROM THE INSIDE.

Remember... the inside is clean, the outside is dirty. Do not contaminate the inside, and always clean in a way that washes crap away from the outside.

I would not attempt to clean the stock brass mesh filters... they are way too fragile.

I wonder which one I got. It cost $12 and the dealer told me it was a good one cause you could clean it several times, but it looked just like the one I replaced. But the difference between a $10 oil change and a $25 change is cutting into my beer funds :thumbsup: Ill check out Scott's :thumbsup:

If it was $10 at the dealer it was the OEM brass unit... especially if it came in a Yamaha box.

They can be cleaned, but the brass is very fragile... I wouldn't do it. It's too easy to damage them without knowing it. Compressed air drying WILL damage them.

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