01 yz426 carb thoughts

Slowly trying to set up my 426 for trails, dropped to a 13t front sprocket, keeping the 49 in the rear - a good change. Have not done the math yet, but allows me to go slow enough to plot my path with a pea brain. Also the blue wire mod, it actually starts now.

Only remaining issue is idle speed. I cannot get a constant idle. Have not taken the carb off yet to clean it out, acts like the slide is sticking. Mixture seems good, burning 100LL (100 octane low lead av gas). Any thoughts?

Take it off and clean it thoroughly. I found all kinds of crap in mine. Runs like a champ now! It doesn't take long either. Fairly straight forward.

Will do, hopefully this weekend, thanks for the thoughts.


[ Also the blue wire mod, it actually starts now.

I too have an '01 426 and went to a 12 tooth front, it

gave me what I wanted on the trails, but what is the

"blue wire mod"? Also Raven is dead on :thumbsup: with the

carburator, had the same problem, cleaned it out good

and BAM! runs hot and fast :confused: terrific, idles perfect :thumbsup:

Do you have your engine bored if not run pump gas.

checkout motoman393.thumpertalk.com

the 01's have a pale blue wire that supplies voltage to the idle switch, which limits idle revs. If this is disconnected more voltqage goes to the CDI = hotter spark = easier starts. If you have issues, let me know and I will get into the details.

Turns out carb was gummed up with air cleaner oil and the pilot jet was semi plugged.


If you're setting up for trails I highly recommend a flywheel weight for the 426. It's the best mod I did, really smooths out the power delivery without sacraficing power at all. It also allows you to chop the thottle in tight trails without stalling. :thumbsup:

I setup my 426 with 13/51, and a rekluse Z-start. I ran a real tight hare scramble the other week and was pulling the front wheel up in the open straights in 4 and 5 gear. I since have put a 14 on the front, much better.

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