Blue plastic turning white

I have heard/read where you can put a lighter to the plastic to heat it up and the plastic will turn back blue, but i tried that and it didn't seem to work. I may not have held it on there long enough, but i was afraid i was going to melt my fender. Any suggestions?

Use a propane torch or a heat gun and GENTLY heat the plastic, it's not an instant thing. When I did it on my 426 I rotated between 2-3 different areas and took my time. Works really well though!

Any suggestions?

Sure... don't wreck and your plastics won't get white. :thumbsup:

You're welcome ;-)

I´ve heard that u can poor (spelling?!) warm water on the plastic and it will turn into blue again..

I havn´t tried it.. :thumbsup:

You can use a hair dryer, but go slow and be careful. One thing that happens when you get ride of the blue is the plastic becomes hard and brittle.

A heat gun will help resolve this but be patient and do not apply direct heat to one place very long.....spred the heat out...Do not touch will leave mark.

FYI polisport makes more resistant blue plastic....but it will white up depending how hard you crash :thumbsup:

One reason I luv my yellow 06..... :thumbsup:

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