What are the better rad guards, Devol or Works, for a 00 426?

Hey fellas, I was looking for a set of radiator braces for my 2000 YZ 426 but I am not sure which will protect my radiators the best. :thumbsup:

I have been looking at the Devol and heard that some people think that they prevent air flow from entering the rads. :thumbsup: Then I looked at the works and they seem good but don't look like they will hold up from a real side impact. Does anybody have any recommendations or suggestions? Or maybe even alternatives? If it helps I ride all sorts of terrain and track. My main concern is that with my riding style I'll bust them in the middle of BFE. :confused::bonk: Thanks in advance for your input.

Works Connection worked really well for me on my 426, no complaints at all. They saved my rads through a few pretty good falls, worth every penny.

The Devol gaurds have worked great for me. I'm pretty sure the 400 and 426 are the same rads

I have had very good luck with the Devols

The Works Connection guards are junk. They provide almost no support in a side impact. They cost me a right side radiator on my 450. I use the Unabiker and they are awesome. Solid support and no airflow problems. Anything is better than the WC guards.

i´ve just found one bad thing about my Unabiker guards ...

i have to loosen the rear bolt to change the spark plug, and its still a pain in the a$$.

so if your bike eats plugs, dont choose Unabiker ...

Does anyone have over heating problems with guards? specifically Devol? I forgot that every now and then I get pretty damned hot, but I really can't say if its the gaurds or not.

Any info would be helpful.

I have the Devols. No over heating problems here. I like the Devols best, they offer good side and front protection.

I have a set of works connection guards for your bike that are left over from my 426 I will sell them to you for $25.00 let me know. :thumbsup:

I thought flatland and unibikers were the best

Thanks keep it coming!

I have installed the Works Connection's braces. They do block some air from going thru, but not enough to worry about. Up front I still use the stock plastic rock guards, although the Devol guards look like they would protect better, a freind uses them and complains about them all the time, always worrying he'll overheat.

I think its what you want out of them....if rocks hitting your rads is a prob, get the Devol. If you tend to tip over or crash a lot and don't want to bend a rad, get the Works Connection.

I'm not really worried about getting hit with rocks, but its more a worry that my bike will squash them. I've stopped after hill climbs and helped people get up them and buried the back tire to hold my bike up and its came crashing over while I was down the hill. Also, I tend to try hills that I'm not positive I can make it up and find out the hard way with my bike taking a somersault down the hill. I am more looking for the side impact defense so I guess I know what I want. I looked at the braces and some look kinda flimsy. I like the Devol but I guess I don't want to have to worry about my bike overheating. I have noticed that my 426 gets hot as it is. If I get the Devols I'll have to trim them a bit. Thanks Dr Thumper

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