yz tank on wr

I have a 05 yz four stroke seat and ims tank I would like to put on my 04 wr. I'm wondering what to modify to get the seat mounted? The wr sub frame has two hooks on the top that hook into the seat. The yz seat has nothing like that. It looks like the hooks on the sub frame need to be cut off to allow the yz seat to sit on the sub frame. In reading info on this sight about this mod nobody has mentioned this. Also the yz seat has a hook on the bottom near the tank. It looks like it will need to be cut off. Is this correct? Will the seat be secure being held on by the bolts at the back and the nub on the tank?

Thanks for any help, Paul.

Come on. I know plenty of people have put the yz seat on a wr. Did you remove the hooks on the wr subframe?

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