650L Plastics

Hey I am looking to get some black plastics for my L project that is underway. Does anybody know of a place that makes L specific plastics. If not here comes the Krylon.


Ok so if there are no direct replace ments what are you guys running for front and rear fenders...brand/style. Are there any that dont interfere with the wiring under the head light???

I had the Acerbis supermoto front on my worked & looked great


I've heard somewhere in this forum that you could use one from an xr400

I just put a UFO XR400 front on my "L".

did you have to space at all for the wire harness that runs on top of the fender???

An Acerbis XR400 front fender will bolt right on the 650L. With plenty of room for the wire harness. See my garage for a picture.

I also have a UFO fender from an XR400 on my 650L. It fit great with plenty of space for the wiring harness. Actually, the color of the UFO unit actually matches up better with my Clarke tank :thumbsup:

The only two things I had to do besides the simple Remove & Replace where: First, shim the rear two mounting bolts slightly so the back of the fender wouldn't rub on the frame. (just push the mounting bolts through the fender, put a washer or two on the rear two bolts, then slap it on, no sweat.) Second was to drill out the rivets holding the speedo cable guide wire on the original fender and remove it, then drill appropriate holes in the new fender and rivet it back into place.

Oh, while I had it in my hands, I also lopped 4" off the nose and cut some vent slots in the rear like alot of other guys have suggested. I like the look. :thumbsup:

There are some pics uploaded to my garage, so you can see the before/after effect.

I really don't know much about the black plastics, but I did see some pictures in another forum of an all black "L". If memory serves, I believe the rear was a Cemoto from an XR600, the front I think was from a CR250F?, and the tank was a Clarke, (I think the owner said that was a special order item though).

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