oil filter

ive got a 01 yz 426

How much metal chips should I see in my oil filter after 3-5 hrs of bush riding or before every oil change? Just think im seeing to much steel or aluminum. I have aftermarket side casings and ive taken them off and cleared more of the sidewall as the clutch was clearly hitting and wearing away the cover.im still seeing these chunks a year later! Were is it coming from?

I just put in new rings and all looked very good and clean valves are in spec clutch has lots of life left. I can’t figure it out!

Any help or advice would be helpful and appreciated


If you have a stock clutch basket, you will normally see a fair amount of aluminum that comes from that part. Then too, the transmission will shed metal throughout its life, especially if you drag out the shifts to the point that they grind some, and that will show up, too.

How long do you go between changes, and do you change, or clean, if it's reusable, the filter each time, or every second or third?

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