rider weight

can someone tell me what weight rider is the 06 450 set up for? i am 180 lbs,want to know if springs will have to be changed when i get it re-valved.

185 lbs is my understanding. You should be fine.

If you do a spring rates search on Race Tech's site, they say that the stock rates are right on for a 200 lb. rider. :thumbsup:

I've ridden YZ's for year with stock springs on the rear. I go 190 (without gear). Did have to swap out last fork springs for next higher rate (bike was '02 YZ 250). Seems like '06 450 suspension is as good as my revalve on the last bike.

I think thats close, its in the back of your manual.

I weigh 230lbs and still using the stock springs front and rear...with minor adjustments (dampening, preload, etc). But....I ride trails, not tracks. Haven't had any bottoming out problems, nor wishy-washy feel, and it tracks like a train on rails. I did have Race-Tech gold valves installed a few years back, but other than that its all stock.

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