shifting question

anybody else hit neutral a lot when trying to shift to 2nd gear. I can't seem to find neutral when I want to but as soon as I try to shift into 2nd the thing goes into neutral? is this normal or is there some problem with the tranny or clutch?

What bike do you have? I have this happen to me on my yz400 once in awhile

its an 05 yz450

Yeah, I never seem to find neutral. I just try and let the clutch out and it usually stalls but I just kick her once and up she starts and off I go. I get mad sometimes that I can't find it. Is there supposed to be a technique to finding it? I do hit it when upshifting at times on mine as well.

I've found that if i hit neutral when shifting up to move the shift lever down a notch or two if i hit neutral down shifting to move it up a notch. Thats just me sometimes you can hit neutral by not shifting up or down as far as it needs to while switching gears. I know if i switch from different brands of riding boots or get a new bike i have to move the shift lever around.

That makes sense :thumbsup:

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