xr4 vs xr6

what are the pros and cons on switching from 600 to a 400 :thumbsup: , both are plated so thats the same, just want more of a trail bike, I dont know just kicking it around :thumbsup:

The 400's are a lot easier on the trail IMO. However, they feel the same only with quite a bit less hp and torque and less weight.

I'm not sure I'd do that. Can you keep the 600 and get a small smoker? KDX200/220 or KTM 200?

I've never had an XR600, but I have had an XR400 and then my XR650R. The weight difference was only noticeable to me when putting the bike up on a milk crate stand, even then the difference isn't much, about 20-25 lbs I think.

In offroad conditions, tight, sandy stuff where I ride, the 650R actually felt lighter and more nimble than the XR4. The gobs extra power maybe influenced this but I think this is primarily do to the better suspension, and superior suspension balance on the 650R. I loved my XR4, but riding my 650R showed me that my XR4 really needed suspension work in terms of front/rear balance.

Your XR600 has different suspension, so you will probably not feel the same as I did. The XR400 is an awesome trail bike, no doubt about it. I just got spoiled by my 650R.

Yeah,Ive got a 86XR600,and Ive had it for a while and I dont see me ever getting rid of it.Its still a good machine.

If you're going to be riding more technical terrain I think the 400 would be a better choice. I recently bought a 400 and just rode it for the first time last weekend, it's much more nimble and easier to turn than my 600 ever was. I kinda felt like superman riding the 400. The power output of the 400 really surprised me as well. Obviously it's not the same as the 600 but it's more than adequate and easier to control. So for more technical slow speed riding get the 400 and for more open country riding at higher speeds stay with the big bore. :thumbsup:

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