Turn Signal help

I have a 2001 Wr 426 with a Baja designs kit modified with a UFO Oregon headlight and UFO tailight/brakelight combo.

My queestion is with the turn signals. They blink really slow, mostly off then the flash on, then off for a while. It wasn't too bad so I left them that way.

I was running a single hydraulic brake switch off the rear brake. I just added one on the front brake also, now the turn signals only work (and barely) at idle. If the engine is revving above idle they never come on at all.

My guess is that the Nicad batteries that come with the Baja Kit are tired. This is the weakest component in the Baja kit IMHO. You can test them with a volt meter. If you are getting a reading of anything less than 12.8 V I'd replace them. If you have a car battery, you could test the system by hooking it up in lieu of the NiCads. If your flashers work properly with a big battery then you have found the problem. If not, try replacing the flasher with a common $2 two prong car flasher from your local Pep boys or whereever. No need to order that from Baja either.

Do yourself a favour and buy yourself a Powersonic 1208. Very inexpensive, sealed, mount in any postion and under $20. It will pack more energy than the Nicads and last longer too. I have mine mounted in the side of the airbox. I'll post a link so you can more info. These batteries can be found by calling around to local electronic specialty shops.



Thank you. I will look into it today.

I got a new soliod state flasher and it now works fine. Thanks for the help. I'm still going to check the battery when I get a chance.

It's normal, less voltage at idle, so the bi-metal takes longer to heat up and break the connection...

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