Please help part 2

After fixing my probs with the carb I thought I could go out and break in my new brake set up :confused: but alas NO.

It wont start. I remember this happening while the carb was broken but I didnt clock until last night while I was 'Trying' to kick it :thumbsup:

basically if you pull the decomp lever and kick it slowly 3 or four times, then let the decomp out and push down till it locks then bring it back to TDC and then pull the decomp and push it down a couple of clicks then 3 clicks up and then kick for england.

It gets stuck at the bottom as if its locked solid, I tried many times last night and I cant get it past the locked bit at the bottom. Occasionally it would backfire but wouldnt start.

What do you think?? Rings, Kick start gear or something else :thumbsup:

I have only owned this bike for 3 weeks and used it twice and changed teh oil plug, filters etc once.. It ran soo sweet on both runs no sign of any problems, Im so upset as I just spent £550 on brakes and servicing..



Have you removed your side cover on the kickstart side? What do you mean "clicks"? Hopefully not something you hear.

Didnt remove anyting from the kickstart side as I was too upset/pised off that it wouldnt work1

When I say clicks I mean the ratchet noise it makes when you press the kickstart :thumbsup:

What do you mean by "locked at the bottom"?

Once you have the bike set up to kick e.g. decomp, tdc, decomp etc when you actually go to kick it to start it it locks up at the bottom of the stroke (same point everytime)


Sounds like you fouled the plug... Either put in a new one or give the one you have a good wire-brushing.

As for the kicker sticking at the bottom, no clue... :thumbsup:

Once you have the bike set up to kick e.g. decomp, tdc, decomp etc when you actually go to kick it to start it it locks up at the bottom of the stroke (same point everytime)


Sounds like you are pushing it too far past TDC. I had this trouble from time to time with mine before I upgraded to the auto decomp cam. When you find TDC of the compression stroke, don't push it so far. You only want to move it to just past TDC, and I would say that this would only be 1 "click" past TDC. Hope this helps.


Also, it will help when the bike is cold to kick it while it is on the side stand. Stand up on the pegs so that you can put your weight into it. Strong steady kick, you don't need to break the lever over the peg. Hope this helps.


I dont think its that simply, the piston locks solid at a certain point, the kick start seems to be horizontal and you cant push past it, the only way is to pull the decomp lever back in. I dont want to repeatably kick it if Im gonna do damage to something :thumbsup:

You are not going to do any dammage with your leg. You will break your foot before you break anything on the bike. Try this once for me, when you kick it through, and it hits the hard spot just pull the decomp and then push the kicker about 1 inch. Release the lever, let the kicker go back to the top and then kick it through. It really is important to do this "routine" properly. Once you get it down it will seem very easy and you will wonder how anyone could ever have problems. Just give it a shot, I bet you will be surprised.


I will try tonight but, I know how to kick it,


from cold

choke out

decomp in kick it threw slowly 3 times

decomp out

kick it till it locks up

bring kick start back up to tdc

decomp in down 1 to 3 clicks

up 2 clicks

and then bam :thumbsup: there she blows or not as the case maybe :thumbsup:

If it was a mechanical problem, you would not be able to start over with the whole routine after it hits the hard spot. I know exactly what you are talking about, and it is very aggrivating. Not to mention the pain it can cause in your foot. I don't mean to insult you by telling you how to kick it through, but you did mention that you have only had it for a short whle and I know I was still having this same problem even after 3 years of riding my 02. It is almost like the bike is hitting a false TDC and then you snap your leg off trying to kick it through the real one. Anyway, give it a shot tonight and let us know how it comes out. If it is still a problem and you are convinced that there is something else going on then we will try to dig deeper. Hope this helps.


Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel :thumbsup:

lets hope its me being a flid :thumbsup:

Occasionally it would backfire but wouldnt start.

Man, that really makes me think the plug is fouled... Have you cleaned/replaced it yet since you have been having this problem?

yeah I have pulled the plug out and used a lighter on it to take off the excess petrol etc.. I thought the back fire was too much compressed petrol in the cyclinder??

Couldn't hurt to throw a new plug in too. I change mine once every 6 months whether it needs it or not.

Just put a new plug in it on my last ride, Cr8eix or something like that :thumbsup:

Great, that is an excellent plug. That's the one I run, and I have only fouled one of those.


I also think you might be going too far past TDC, it should never hit the compression stroke during the kick stroke. It should pass the compression stroke due to momentum of the kick. I suspect you have started with fresh gas, good plug, etc. When were the valves adjusted last? Has it run at all since it was in the shop?

It worked Im sooo happy :thumbsup:

But why would there be 2 TDC?? it use to be at the top ala TDC (it is still there) but when you kick it it finds another one near the bottom, its this one that I need to kick and this is the one where it starts up :thumbsup:

Thank you for all your help..

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