Wash out

I have a 2000 YZ426 and am a VET C Hare scramble racer. I am having a problem with the front end washing out in the turns. I have reset my front forks with lighter oil and tried the adjustments in all positions.(compression and rebound)

Any suggestions? I am at a loss here. waisting to much time picking the bike back up after going down in the turns.


Have you played with the fork height in the triple clamps? What tire are running on the front?

Some of the things that can encourage this kind of behavior are:

> Too much rear sag (increases rake and trail)

(decrease sag to the right spec, increase the rear spring rate if too soft, raise fork tubes in clamps 5-10mm)

> Not sitting far enough forward in turns

(move forward, extend inside leg forward for additional front weight in corners)

> Bike too vertical, forcing front tire to steer, rather than roll, around the turn

(lean the bike inside of your body centerline)

> Wrong tire for your soil type.

(most YZF's came with D739's, and lots of guys replace with the same thing they had. 739's work well only on hard pack surfaces.

> Too much rebound damping.

The YZ426 also has a device built in that will, in most cases, immediately stop the front tire from pushing; the throttle. If you bust it open about 3/4 of the way, the push will usually stop. Takes some time to learn to do this, though.

Have not played with fork height, when I had them off the bike,I put them back to the same measurement. Am running a maxi cross front and rear, they have always been great on other bikes I've had.I had not thought about the sag on the rear, may have to play with this a bit. As for the throttle, it's hard to craack it to far when riding tight woods :thumbsup: Will try sitting more forward next time I go out.

What do you guys think about off set axles or triple clamps?

Thanks for the info.

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