Installed the Edelbrock - Good Stuff

I have a 98 WR400 and I just installed an Edelbrock carburator that I purchased from Barnums Pro. The installation was simple and the carb is very nice in fit and finish. After installation I turned on the gas, kicked twice and she fired right up. I reached down and adjusted the idle speed with the nifty remote idle screw knob and took off. Short version - the bike rips. Great acceleration, front wheel comes up fast, lot's of power. I recommed it to anyone wanting to go a different road than the (I'm going to get this FCR properly jetted if it kills me) crowd.

Well said, Joel, I'm with you all the way......

Let us know how she does with different temps and elevations please. I'm considering going that route in the future.

Have had my edelbrock on for almost a year ever since I got tired of replacing throttle slides and trying to make the FCR idle right. I generally ride at about 3000 ft in the So. Cal. desert but have also had it at 9000 ft in Kennedy Meadows. After setting it right for the desert, I did not touch it for Kennedy and it ran perfect. Have not had it in real hot or real cold weather so can't comment on that for sure, but I don't expect it to be different. I have the Rekluse clutch and it is mandatory that the engine be well carburated for it to work well. The Edelbrock has really worked nice for me.

I ride from sea level to 5000+ feet.

Installed an Edelbrock a couple of monthes ago.

Once the Needle was set for the idle mixture it runs great everywhere

Its kinda weird not having a choke, but a couple of squirts with the AP does the job just fine.

Plus no more TPS trying to guess what your doing when your just cruising along.


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