anyone have a rear wheel?

for sale that is. i have a 99' wr400 and want a complete wheel, sprocket, disc setup to put a paddle on.

Try eBay. Firgure around $200+ for one that isn't beat all to hell...SC

i found one on there but it closed about 5 minutes ago for $304. it was the only one they had on there

Just keep trying. It took me about 2 months of vigilance to track one down. Finally, I bought one from a TT member for $250. Keep in mind, most of the ones on eBay will be 19" as they're coming off of YZF's. It's even harder to find an 18"...SC

Check your PM. I have one

I need a 18' rim. has anyone upgraded to a differrnt color and want to get rid of a rim or rim and spokes?

Shoot me a PM. I will have an 18" set up for sale pretty soon. I also have an 18" bare rim and a 21" bare rim. These are all off of an 04 WR.

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