2006 yz450 lighting stator update

Bad news. I emailed electrosport about eta of the lighting stator and here is what they said:

I do not have a production date or even a part number for this yet. It is unknown on how long it would be until we get this part in. We apologize for any inconvenience.

I also emailed baja designs and asked if they could do a stock stator rewind, here is what they said:

It is not possible to rewind the stator on that bike. Unfortunately no company makes a stator for that bike that produces power either.

I'm wondering if it would be possible to put together a dual sport kit, or get one from baja designs and then mount a battery in a cargo bag/box on the back of the seat or fender and run lights off that. I don't ride at night but I need to get it street legal. Then I could install the stator after it is available.

You should of bought a WR then you would be all set.

You overshot the WR forum, its a couple of clicks back.

I have checked with trail tech and they said the same thing could be a couple months if they can even do it. I ride some 24hr and night enduros and I need lights!! I do not like to use battery systems by themselves. I prefer both. battery helmet and bike powered fork mounted lights. I hope some one can come up with around 55-70 watts!


I'm intersted as well, Rode LMS last year and all the night riding practice was a hoot, can't wait to get the 06 lit up! There will be a way sooner or later, very few folks are still racing the WR's off-road most of the serious racers are on YZ's unless contractually obligated to the WR line.

WR???? Are ya kidding??? ride em hard back to back then come back with a comparison! HA HA they're aint none! Good luck with that.

Did you try contacting E-line? You can easily strap a small sealed battery to the top of the rear fender behind the seat.

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