Scotts Oil Filter?

The gasket that gets stuck in there belongs on the end of the stock filter. Stick your finger in there and gently pry it out and put it back on the filter it came off of. Mine does this all the time.

I tried gently prying it with my finger plus a number of different tools, i.e. screwdriver. I didn't want to damage it and wasn't sure if it was supposed to come out. The guys at Scotts said it should stay in but he gave me two different answers and didn't sound 100% certain.

Since it's still in there any reason to think it would do any damage until next oil change?

The fact that you got the cover on without bending or over-torquing anything would lead me to believe that it *MAY* not pose any serious problem. But, it only takes a few minutes to get the cover off and back on. The extra gasket should not be in there and I would correct this ASAP. If you are not going to use the stock filter any more, then you don't need to worry about damaging the old gasket. Be more aggressive and get it out. I would try to avoid using anything metal in there for fear of marring the the filter cavity.

Oh, and if you lay the bike all the way over on its side, you should be able to remove the cover without having to dump your oil first. Turn your fuel petcock off then drain the carb thru the carb drain into a container. If you've removed the one-way valve from the gas cap, then you will need to plug the vent tube. Now you can lay the bike over without dumping fuel all over.

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Has anyone used/installed the Scott Stainless Steel oil filter? Reason for asking is that there are two rubber seals that fit nicely into the stocker (there are two little prongs that fit into the two holes at either end). Does the one one the inside (not the cover) come out or do you just put the Scotts filter in and tighten everything down. I played w/ the inside seal and it didn't seem to want to come out so I put the Scotts on top of it and cranked everything until flush.

Is this the way it's supposed to be?

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