06 YZF flywheel weight

My local dealer that I buy through checked today and said that SFB Racing offers a flywheel weight for the 06, but it shows 03 through 06 and comes with a new ignition cover. He called the tech line and the said they have had no problems fitting the 06. I wonder if its because they are changing the cover also? I know the flywheels are different 05 to 06, any ideas? I told him to order it, I would just like to make sure before I do anything. :thumbsup:

Never mind, I looked at the pics of the 05 and compared the ignition covers, they are completely different. I did get on Yamahas website, and it looks like the GYTR flywheels are now available. I will be calling tomorrow.

do the gytrs not require a larger ignition cover?

I doesnt say, but Ive never had to buy the cover before.

do you have a gytr part number or link to the page?? I want one of these now!!!

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