01 426 won't kick over

Here is the story. My son was riding in the field, when it stalled. He was able to kick it a couple of times, then it would not budge. Checked the decompression lever, valves, everything on the top end. Then proceeded to remove the right case. When I got to the water pump impeller, the motor would turn over when I tried removed it (I thought the motor had froze up). :thumbsup: Ok, so I removed the impeller and removed the case. Then removed the clutch basket and the kick starter still wouldn't budge. Removed the kick starter assembly and reinstalled it and it works fine with no binding and all of the gears look great in the right side. Now, here is the baffling part. I can individually turn every gear in any direction, but once I place the clutch basket on and "connect" all of the gears, it won't budge.

Like I said, there are no bad areas, broken teeth, worn spots or anything odd. Just when I place that clutch basket in there, you can't turn it over. :thumbsup:

Does anybody have any ideas on where to look or anything that I may be overlooking???

How much pressure should be required to turn the primary gear over with the decompression lever pulled? I can hear everything move (hissing of compression and such). That is the only gear with any drag other than the oil pump.

Pulled it apart.... The connecting rod bearing had siezed. This is gonna be fun. My first rebuild.

Here are some more questions though....

Should I replace the piston and rings since it is apart?

I am already going to swap the cam with a hot cams one, should I do anything else to the head?

Anything else that should be replaced like the oil pump or whatever?

When I get the crank, I will pull the cases apart, then see if I need any gears. That will be later next week though..

Oh well... I guess now I will know what I have when I am done..

I had the same thing happen to mine. Decided to do a complete rebuild and replaced a crank half, rod, piston, timing chain, valves and springs. The oil pump was within spec.

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