Stock Rear Exhaust

I have a dent in my 04 YZF 450 stock rear exhaust. I dont think it will do anything to performance yet it makes me bleed everytime I look at it. How hard is it to get something like this repaired? Can they blow it out like they do with header pipes? I realise that I would need to take out the riverts, packing, core etc but can it actually get it blown out so it looks near new again? Or am I waisting my time?

The dent wouldn't be about half way up the can, kind of on the inside bottom, would it?

No its not the dent that comes standard with the pipe to allow clearance for the rear wheel. Its one that has resulted in me dropping the bike in the bush on a rock. Its towards the tail end of the pipe on the exposed side of it.

Sounds like a good time for an exhaust upgrade.

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