Street legal equipment...

Hi folks,

I will be making my `01 WR street legal and would like to know what kind of parts you use for the following:

headlight (high and low) and tail light with brake light, what kind of bulbs and how to wire it.

I assumed that I would wire the headlight to be on all the time and the existing switch for high beam. The brake would be similar but I need a switch of some sort. Any help would be appreciated.


Try Baja Designs, they are pros at the street legal stuff and have kits available ready to go or you can call them and they will make any combo of street legal stuff you want.


I highly recommend Baja Designs kit. Great directions and everything fits. Break down, spend the money, and do it right. Two dads racing has the kits for a little less than baja designs.

Get the Baja Designs kit. It's worth the money.

In Utah the following is required:

1. Headlight

2. Taillight

3. Brakelight

4. Horn

5. Mirror.

Hi-low beam is only required if factory equipped (wr are not). I would not go with the expensive kits. It sounds like your state is similar to Utah. I have done three bikes in the last two months for under $100. You can buy the Baja kit and pay big bucks. I done the following:

1. Your WR comes stock with hi and low headlight. Only the low beam is hooked up. Look on the back of your light connection and you will notice a fitting for the hi beam. Go to your auto store and get a rocker switch ($5.00) (I got one with a cool blue light when it is on). Run a connection to your hot wire (blue wire) before it goes into your headlight to the switch. Do the same with the ground. Run a wire from switch to the hi connection on your light. I JB welded the switch to my spedo. It has held given several races and crashes. When you turn on your light, the low beam will come on. Turn on the rocker switch and your high beam will come on.

2. Horn: I went to a junk yard and found an old horn off a 1970s enduro ($5.00 for three horns). It is 6 volt and will work fine. I hooked it up to a kill Button. I baught an after market one for about $15.00 Using a kill button takes some thinking when using a kill button. Run a hot wire (use the same one that you tapped into for your hi beam)directly to the horn. Run the ground from the horn to the kill button. Run the remaining wire from the kill button to the ground (use the same ground used on the rocker switch for your hi beam). Remember by using the hot wire going to your headlight, horn will only work with you have your lights on.

3. Brake light. Your wr comes stock with a dual bulb. Take off your seat and you will notice that there are three wires coming from the tail light. The one that is not hooked up is your brake light. White brothers sells a rear brake lever acuator ($18.00). This screws into the top of your brake cylinder. It has two wires. One will need to be connected to a hot wire. You can connect it to the blue hot wire under your seat that goes to your tail light. The other wire is connected to the wire that is not hooked up coming from your tail light. You are legal. I cant see spending the money for a kit when your bike comes almost ready to go. If you need any other help, give me a call 435-384-2711.


I would go with the kit made by It is much nicer than the baja designs kit and is around the same price with more features like a GPS power lead and auto shut off turn signals. Just my two cents, Eric


98 WR400 "Strokerized"

97 EXC400

93 RMX250

Thanks for the info. Michigan is really easy for making street legal. All I really need is 2 dual filiment bulbs a brake switch and DOT tires. Ive already got the mirror and horn. That is it for Michigan, a lot easier than the hell you west coast folks have to go through.

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