looking at a 85 xl600r - need suggestions

Hello everyone. I just found this forum this evening and I'm going to look at a 85 xl600r tomorrow night with 12,000 miles on it for $1500.00. He says it's in excellent condition and runs "great". We'll see. I would use the search function to have my questions answered but I don't have much time. Sprockets and chain have been replaced along with the fork seals and wheel bearings. I know it depends on how much their abused but how many miles can you get out of these engines before they need rebuilt? I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions as to what to look for on this bike. Thanks.

12,000 isn't too much for that motor. Of course the big variable is how it was treated. Ask about when the valve adjustment was last checked. The first thing that usually needs attention is the valve train. The valves, the cam chain and tensioner usually need attention at the same time. It's hard to tell from starting and looking unless the tensioner is really shot. The chain slaps about and makes noise. If it has been run hard, it might need a valve job now. If it's had an easy life, it might not need anything for several thousand more miles. My XR600 started easily and ran great even when it needed the head rebuilt. Of course it ran even better afterwards.

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