clutch adjustment?

i appoligize about all these questions but i really do appreciate you all taking your valuable time to help me out. anyway i replaced the inner hub friction plates backing plates hinson pressure plate and new springs. the basket loked good very little grooving. after reassembly even at both the clutch lever and the actator arm i am getting very little adjustment it's like the cable is worn out, but it wasn't worn out before i replaced most everthing. so i drained the oil pulled the cover off again pressure plate and the rod that goes throught the engine into the actuator arm just to make sure it was hitting and making contact. put all back together and it is still the same tons of free play any ideas? thanks john

Is the ball bearing there? The rod hits the ball bearing and the bearing hits the presssure plate.

yes i pulled the rod apart from the little saucer looking plate the ball bearing was at the end of the rod inside that saucer lookig thing that screws on the end of the rod. just i ball bearing though

by the way the obx is a great vacation and fishing place to be. thanks for getting back with me also

If you had alot of wear on the clutch that you replaced it will seem that there is alot of extra slack in the cable because your new clutch stackup it now thicker than it used to be. This would cause a gap at the end of the pushrod. Are you able to adjust the cable to the right slack? If not you could have another problem. I don't have a 450f but I have seen some pressure plates on yamaha's that require it to be installed one way or it won't put pressure against the clutch plates once you have installed the springs. Note:You only have 1 ball in the push rod assy.

Hope this helps.

thanks scooter you would think by replacing all the plates and it pushing more presure up against the pressure plate that there would be less slack? anyway yes with the new plates it came all the way out to the end of the basket and the new springs where at least a 1/2" longer than the old ones i took out. everything was new oem with the exception of a hinson pressure plate which was new. the only things i haven't replaced were the basket which looked pretty good the actuator arm the clutch cable and the rod that goes through the tranny with the ball bearing in it. i am at a loss on this one. i have other problems as well i just posted it in the jetting collum though.

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