Who can recommend a good Machine shop ?

It's unexpectedly time to do the top end on my 99 WR400... Bike was running great, shut it down for a water break and when I went to start it for the next section of fun :thumbsup: no compression! I mean none, could run the kick start through with my hand:( Got the bike home and was really hoping it was going to be something really simple...compression release problem or carb slide breakage causing a valve to stick open, but, of course my luck doesn't run that way, got the beast torn down and the combustion chamber on the head looked good........visual of the valve stems looked good.....did the ole solvent in the exhaust port and that proved that I have a seal leaking somewhere, still can't find direct evidence of which valve seal it is, but one of the valve stem seals is letting fluid. So that brings me to my thread title, does anyone know of a really good machine shop in the south east? I'm in NW Florida so the closer the better, but I'm willing to send it off to anyplace that does quality work.

Your problem maybe as simple as a piece of carbon stuck between the valve seat and the valve. But, to answer your question, many local machine shops can resurface the valve seats.

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