WR450 Not Idling and Popping

My 2005 is not idling well and backfires sometimes when I try to start it. It has sat for a while, so maybe the carb is plugged, but I just wanted to know if I should look for anything else.

All free mods done


AIS removed

pea shooter removed

Thanks for your help

Idling bad isn't bad, but I dont like the back fire. There is a few things that can cause back fires, and most of them point to internal motor failure. :thumbsup:

Backfire(gunshot sound) is caused when fuel is ignited in the exhaust rather than the combustion chamber. Its usually the result of unburnt fuel. Some of the things that come to mind is faulty ignition timing, faulty exhaust valve timing, an exhaust valve that doesn't seat properly.

I think I would probably go for a ride, and rip it up. Get the motor running again, and drive it like I had a purpose. :thumbsup: It very well could come out of it.:confused:

Thanks for the info. It is very low mileage so I doubt it has any major engine problems. Could it have something to do with unplugging the white wire?

My guess would be the carb is gummed up some. Especially if was running well when you rode it last. Put in some fresh gas and take it for a ride, it might clean itself out.

Could it have something to do with unplugging the white wire?

White wire you mean grey wire i hope :thumbsup:

You are right, It must have been the gray wire.

How long did it sit, Do you use fuel stabilizer? If not I would start using it if you are going to let it sit for several weeks at a time. Just mix up enough to fill you tank, run it for a minute or two and you will not have another fuel problem from storage. I use StaBil, but there are others. Other then that I would guess you have some gunk plugging or messing with your carb. If it ran when you parked it, and won't run when you started it back up my bet is a fuel problem.

Try taking the bottom of the carb, if you see brown goop the most likely the jets are plugged, pull them (especially the pilot jet) clean them up, and be sure to drain the gas out of the tank too, I might take a look into the tank with a flash light see if there light brown goop in there too.

After a ride always drain the carb, by closing the petcock let the bike idle until it dies, which will burn up most of the fuel in the carb.

I learned the hard way, nothing worse then getting to the track only to find the bike wont run right.

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